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Monday, 29 June 2009 22:31

Re the Southwark message from the diaspora that all is not well.  

Statement from the Information & Publicity Department, MDC Pressroom – 29th June 2009. (http://www.swradioafrica.com/Documents/khyupe290609.pdf) 

Full text of Acting President, Hon Thokozani Khupe’s speech after MDC Ministers walked out of Mugabe’s “Cabinet” meeting 

"For a long time the MDC has made issue of the unequivocal lack of paradigm shift on the part of ZANU PF as an actor in the Transitional government. For a long time we have remained the polite and subservient Upholders of the GPA against clear evidence of the absence of a reliable & honest partner. 

At the epicenter of our disappointment has been the unwillingness of ZANU PF to timeously resolve the unfinished issues of the inclusive government under the GPA. In particular, despite five months of endless meetings amongst the Principals ,the central issues of the Reserve Bank Governor, The Attorney General, the Provincial Governors, the swearing in of Roy Bennett and the appointment of ambassadors remain unresolved as such the inclusive government is yet to be fully constituted. 

These issues continue to affect the health of the GPA. They are structural issues that are at the root of the GPA. Any breach of the same and any failure to resolve the same is fundamental .Part of the problem lies in the fact that ZANU PF has not woken up to the reality of the MDC as an equal partner in the agreement following the March 29 result .More importantly they have not accepted that in the constitution, the GPA, Mr Mugabe and President Tsvangirai are placed on par and that the former cannot do anything without the latter. 

Further evidence of the lack of a paradigm shift, is the deliberate refusal to convene the National Security council. The National Security Council became law in February 2009 and demands that the Security council meets once every month. Four months later, it has not met simply because a few elite securocrats do not recognise the authority of the new order. 

The lack of recognition of the fundamental principle of equality has given rise to a persistent and corrosive culture of unilateralism. That unilateralism includes unlawful redefinition of the mandate of ministries, executive appointments and a pervasive reproduction of a business-of-the old order mentality. The same unilateralism is being reflected in the nascent constitution making process where suddenly and contrary to the provisions of the GPA, the Kariba draft constitution is now being sought to be imposed lock stoke and barrel on the people of Zimbabwe. 

Over and above this we have protested at the persistent abuse of the rule of law, the cynical disrespect of the countrys’ laws and flagrant insensitivity to the multiplier effect of all acts of lawlessness. We remain concerned about the persistent victimization, arrest and violence against our MPs, activists, civil society members, and members of staff. We have remained abhorred by the continuous incidents of farm invasions and virile prosecution of farmers. We have remained abhorred at the selective application of the rule of law. Equally of concern is our disenchantment at the continued frustration of the democratisation agenda by ZANU-PF. Media reforms remain aborted whilst state media, in particular the Herald and ZBC continue to churn out vitriol and propaganda. Equally, there is no movement on key legislation on fundamental issues such as the promotion of freedom of speech, assembly and expression. 

This morning, we were advised that Cabinet had been shifted from its mandated day of Tuesday to Monday at 10am. Innocent and innocuous as this decision may be, the fact of the matter is that it underpins everything wrong about the present agreement. The decision seeks to deny the recognition of the Prime Minister as chair of Cabinet when the President is away. Mr Mugabe has indicated that he will not be present on Tuesday and hence the unilateral decision to move Cabinet forward to today. This reflects unilateralism, disrespect, contempt and refusal to recognise reality and the letter and spirit of the GPA, the reality of 29 March 2009 and the reality of now to the extent that Cabinet is held on Tuesday, we will not attend an informal unilateral meeting. 

However whilst we remain fundamentally committed to the GPA in the interests of our people, it is our constitutional right to consider disengagement. It is time that for Christ’s sake toxicity and insanity are removed from the GPA. It is time that the irreversibility of our change became a living reality not just to ZANU-PF but to the people of Zimbabwe at large.

Thank you"