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Newsletter from the Mike CampbellC Foundation SADC Tribunal court hearing 6 February 2018 PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 11 February 2018 12:43

We would like to thank everyone who prayed for our Court Case this week against President Jacob Zuma in the Pretoria High Court for his role in unilaterally closing down southern Africa's regional court, the SADC Tribunal, in 2012.

The hearing went extremely well. We were before three High Court Judges, including the Judge President. Our advocate, Jeremy Gauntlett QC SC, gave the main argument. There were also three other advocates arguing against President Zuma. They were acting for the Law Society of South Africa, who initiated the case, and other human rights organisations. Another advocate argued for President Zuma.

It was argued that President Zuma, by signing the Protocol which took away the rights of Southern African Development Community (SADC) citizens to go to the SADC Tribunal on human rights issues, was not acting consistently with his constitutional duties. 

Advocate Gauntlett said that the President carries with him the Constitution of South Africa at all times. Conduct inconsistent with the Constitution was invalid.

He also argued that the SADC Tribunal's existence was an integral part of the SADC Treaty.

He went on to say that President Zuma acted in an irrational manner by not then going through the necessary steps to ratify his action through Parliament - and that there was no legitimate government objective in President Zuma's action. 

It was argued that President Zuma's signature - in removing access to the Tribunal for individual SADC citizens - ignored the vested rights of the 277 million citizens and was done in bad faith. 

It was pointed out that President Zuma had ignored the SADC Ministers of Justice and Attorneys-General recommendations, as well as the World Trade Institute Advisors (WTIA) report.

Instead of taking steps against the perpetrator (Zimbabwe) he had taken steps against both the Judges and the victims of the perpetrator.

Advocate Gauntlett said "it was the jewel in the crown; the engine; the heart beat of the Tribunal to deal with human rights issues."

When SADC created the Tribunal, which was officially established in August 2005, it was created for human rights. This was the heart of it. There was also a Constitutional obligation to protect and advance human rights.

There was no explanation as to why the compensation case of Zimbabwean farmers Jarrett et al had not been allowed to continue. Zimbabwe violated the SADC Treaty so it is irrational that that this should not have been addressed. The closing of courts is contrary to international law and the SADC Treaty.

President Zuma operated at the highest level and had a Constitutional obligation to protect and advance human rights but did the opposite, also failing in his democratic obligations for a participatory process in lawmaking. 

If you take courts away, it is also contrary to the Constitution.

It was confirmed that Constitutional obligations are not trumped by comity (the need to act together with other states like Zimbabwe).

All arguments went well and they were completed in a single day, with excellent engagement from the Judges. We should be given a judgment in the next three weeks.

Many thanks again for your prayers and thank you to our amazing legal team, especially advocates Willie Spies, Jeremy Gauntlett and Frank Pelser.

Ben Freeth

Please sign online Vigil petition PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 21:03
The Zimbabwe Vigil's latest petition is now online: Please sign it and circulate widely. Thanks.
Petition to UK Africa Minister Rory Stewart: Zimbabwean exiles and supporters welcome your visit to Zimbabwe and believe the UK has much to contribute to the country. The euphoria over the removal of the Mugabes has given way to realisation that nothing else has changed. The new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa spoke of democracy but also made clear his overriding allegiance to Zanu PF, which has repeatedly shown it does not believe in democracy. We urge you to insist on free and fair elections in Zimbabwe to determine the will of the people before the UK offers support to Mnangagwa. In particular, we stress the importance of the following: New voters’ roll and an independent election commission, Diaspora vote, Participation of Western election observers, Opposition access to state radio and television,  Police reform and the disbanding of the Central Intelligence Organisation.
Zimbabwe Vigil 18th November 2017 PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 18 November 2017 23:17

We had so many people at the Vigil that we had no idea of numbers. It was by far the biggest gathering we have ever had outside the Embassy. Everyone was fired up and full of optimism. Thanks to the police for their tolerance when we swamped the pavement. The overwhelming message from the hundreds of people who gathered outside the Embassy was: ‘A new Zimbabwe’. For photos see:


Electoral Machinations PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 24 September 2017 18:48

From ROHR in Zimbabwe 19/9/17

At ZEC offices. Hanzi ma paper eku register apera we have been turned away. ZEC playing jokes with voters, They have registered only 60 people. This is just a way to frustrate us not to vote. It is really a Zanu PF plan to demotivate voters and continue to cling on to power. ROHR International condemns this act as it is violating people's rights. We urge ZEC to stop this exercise right away until they are fully prepared for this exercise. 

Tinashe Zhakata, ROHR programmes, For peace justice and freedom



Video from Linda Masarira about people being turned away from registering at the Zimbabwe Electoral C9ommission offices:



From Linda Masarira 21/09/2017 From my sources in Kadoma

Yesterday at 2pm all Soldiers at Ngezi Barracks Battlefields Kadoma were called to an emergency drill (meeting). Addressed by their respective commanding officers of each brigade. Message was they MUST not visit registration centres instead they must simply SUPPLY their names and ID numbers and those of their spouses and children to be above 18 years by March next year. This information will be directed to ZEC and they will be automatically registered.


NB: This is most likely to happen to all uniformed forces.


LESSONS: noted by me L. T. Masarira

1)     The current registration system allows importation of registration data from outside sources meaning ZEC lied to us that you can be registered only if you visit the centre.

2)     Zanu PF has since February this year been running a parallel programme where it was registering its party members using exactly the same system as ZEC. It is reported that so far they have registered 3million people. What is likely to happen is that all these people will be imported into the ZEC data base. (Remember Zanupf now has Biometric party membership cards with face and finger print which are even linked to zimswitch.)

3)     The absence of Zanu PF members at most of these centres raises suspicion and if anything confirms my point above.


Recommendations to CSOs and Opposition parties:

1)     ZEC must allow all political parties to access the data server.

2)     Each BVR kit must be accompanied by an accredited monitor from an interested stakeholder including political parties and CSO.

3)     ZEC must publish number of registrants per day per BVR kit.


Looming financial meltdown in Zimbabwe PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 24 September 2017 18:25

Two messages to the Vigil:


1)     Hehehe . . this is so epic. So I was with my friend who got a crisp US$50 note. He wanted to pay for his groceries with the money. And I was like "dude . . hold on.Gimmie that note." He gave me the note. And I was like "wait for me right here in the shop, I will be back in less than 5 minutes." I rushed out to the gym yepa joina city paye, I spoke to a guy who paid me 70 bond for the US$50. I then called a dude who was looking for cash earlier kuti ndine 70 bond notes cash he transferred $90 bond into my bank account (zipit). I went back to my friend in the shop and I swiped for his groceries. Then we were left with $40 extra from the original $50 . . . all happened within 15 minutes . . . And we happily went for drinks . . . hehehehe . . #My_country


2)     In the next 3 to 5 days things may get very bad. Stock up any food or other basic commodities you may need. The Inflation rate has gone up to 50 percent it means the prices of stuff will be doubling at least once per day. The minister of finance printed excess bond notes to buy US Dollars off the streets early this week so the market may be flooded with useless money. Most shops may no longer be taking swipe transactions because of this further rise in bond note circulation brace yourself for tough times ladies and gentlemen.

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