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Sunday, 24 September 2017 18:48

From ROHR in Zimbabwe 19/9/17

At ZEC offices. Hanzi ma paper eku register apera we have been turned away. ZEC playing jokes with voters, They have registered only 60 people. This is just a way to frustrate us not to vote. It is really a Zanu PF plan to demotivate voters and continue to cling on to power. ROHR International condemns this act as it is violating people's rights. We urge ZEC to stop this exercise right away until they are fully prepared for this exercise. 

Tinashe Zhakata, ROHR programmes, For peace justice and freedom



Video from Linda Masarira about people being turned away from registering at the Zimbabwe Electoral C9ommission offices:



From Linda Masarira 21/09/2017 From my sources in Kadoma

Yesterday at 2pm all Soldiers at Ngezi Barracks Battlefields Kadoma were called to an emergency drill (meeting). Addressed by their respective commanding officers of each brigade. Message was they MUST not visit registration centres instead they must simply SUPPLY their names and ID numbers and those of their spouses and children to be above 18 years by March next year. This information will be directed to ZEC and they will be automatically registered.


NB: This is most likely to happen to all uniformed forces.


LESSONS: noted by me L. T. Masarira

1)     The current registration system allows importation of registration data from outside sources meaning ZEC lied to us that you can be registered only if you visit the centre.

2)     Zanu PF has since February this year been running a parallel programme where it was registering its party members using exactly the same system as ZEC. It is reported that so far they have registered 3million people. What is likely to happen is that all these people will be imported into the ZEC data base. (Remember Zanupf now has Biometric party membership cards with face and finger print which are even linked to zimswitch.)

3)     The absence of Zanu PF members at most of these centres raises suspicion and if anything confirms my point above.


Recommendations to CSOs and Opposition parties:

1)     ZEC must allow all political parties to access the data server.

2)     Each BVR kit must be accompanied by an accredited monitor from an interested stakeholder including political parties and CSO.

3)     ZEC must publish number of registrants per day per BVR kit.



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