Looming financial meltdown in Zimbabwe Print
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Sunday, 24 September 2017 18:25

Two messages to the Vigil:


1)     Hehehe . . this is so epic. So I was with my friend who got a crisp US$50 note. He wanted to pay for his groceries with the money. And I was like "dude . . hold on.Gimmie that note." He gave me the note. And I was like "wait for me right here in the shop, I will be back in less than 5 minutes." I rushed out to the gym yepa joina city paye, I spoke to a guy who paid me 70 bond for the US$50. I then called a dude who was looking for cash earlier kuti ndine 70 bond notes cash he transferred $90 bond into my bank account (zipit). I went back to my friend in the shop and I swiped for his groceries. Then we were left with $40 extra from the original $50 . . . all happened within 15 minutes . . . And we happily went for drinks . . . hehehehe . . #My_country


2)     In the next 3 to 5 days things may get very bad. Stock up any food or other basic commodities you may need. The Inflation rate has gone up to 50 percent it means the prices of stuff will be doubling at least once per day. The minister of finance printed excess bond notes to buy US Dollars off the streets early this week so the market may be flooded with useless money. Most shops may no longer be taking swipe transactions because of this further rise in bond note circulation brace yourself for tough times ladies and gentlemen.