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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 19:01

Between 4th September and 2nd October all ten ROHR Provinces in Zimbabwe have been launched. Below are reports of these launches taken from What’sApp messages sent by members of the ROHR International What’sApp group.


Launch of ROHR Bulawayo Province – 4th September 2015
Bulawayo Province was launched on the same day as a big demonstration in Bulawayo about prepaid water meters. Below the relevant What’sApp postings from 4th and 5th September.
Friday 4th

·       09.03 Ephraim Tapa: ‘For now we have Bulawayo as our focus. Is everything ok over there?’

·       11.22 from Bulawayo: ‘Things shaping up. Stay close. Bulawayo residents demonstrating against prepaid water meters and poor service delivery’.

·       11.26 first picture and message from Bulawayo ‘ People of all ages streaming in’.

·       13.27 picture identifying Stanley Square with a message ‘I was asked to give a solidarity speech on behalf of ROHR Zimbabwe International, and good people I nailed it before an estimated 3,000 at Stanley Square.’

·       13.47 from same person: ‘Pray for us. After this the regime will not love it. Security.’

·       More photos come in.

·       18.35: Ephraim Tapa: ‘Congratulations guys. We can continue to go from strength to strength. And yes, together we can.’

·       20.07 from Bulawayo: ‘Good people I wish you were all in Bulawayo today. We had a wonderful day and now people know about ROHR and we had our flyers and everyone wanted to be part of us. We thank God for this day coz it was the birth of ROHR in Bulawayo.’

·       20.43 onwards messages from Bulawayo: ‘Our dream and vision will never die’, ‘Together as one’ and ‘What have we to lose’.

Saturday 5th

·       08.49 from Bulawayo: ‘Bulawayo has set a precedent. An estimated crowd of 3000 took to the streets demonstrating against the proposed installation of prepaid water meters. Like a true giant ROHR’s banners led the procession from Town House to Stanley Square where speeches were delivered’.


Launch of ROHR Manicaland Province – 6th September 2015
We have completed the Manicaland meeting in Mutare. It went well with representatives from all 7 districts, namely: Makoni, Mutare, Chipinge, Buhera, Nyanga, Chimanimani and Mutasa. The meeting started with an introduction to ROHR going through our code of conduct, emphasising a membership drive through cards to be available soon. We also touched on partnerships, discipline, loyalty and sharing a common vision. The members suggested a $1 membership fee for provincial and district leadership and a further $1 per quarter to show commitment. $1 a year for ordinary members was also proposed. Work plans were developed with timelines and major activities, which must be done urgently, are district sensitisation meetings with stakeholders, membership drive, partnerships and networking. The following posts have been filled to form the provincial executive:  Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary, Information & Publicity Secretary, Legal Advisor, 2 Youth Representatives and 3 Women’s Representatives.


Launch of ROHR Mashonaland West Province – 12th September 2015
ROHR Mashonaland West Province was constituted today at Orange Grove Motel in Chinhoyi. It was a fruitful meeting by all standards. The committee includes students from Chinhoyi University of Technology who showed great enthusiasm. The issue of membership cards was discussed. Members asked for workshops to learn more about human rights. They also asked for exchange programmes. A lecturer from Chinhoyi University is the Programmes Co-ordinator and another lecturer agreed to take up an advisory role. The meeting was informed by the vice chair on the role of ROHR, its objectives and vision. He emphasised the need to support activists. It was stressed that we should all devote our time and resources to attain our objectives as one big ROHR family, A whatsaap group has been formed for Mashonaland West. The Mashonaland West Provincial Committee was elected with the following positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Organising Secretary, Treasurer, Information & Publicity Secretary, Co-ordinator, 2 Youth Representatives, 3 Women’s Representatives.


Launch of ROHR Harare Province – 15th September 2015
There was jostling for positions today at the Harare Gardens where a provincial structure was being constituted. No one wanted to be left out of the ROHR provincial committee as more people than invited turned up at the meeting point. The meeting started with introductions where people of immense experience and qualifications introduced themselves. Not to be out done were the students from the University of Zimbabwe also present. The Vice Chair gave a general overview of ROHR: its history, objectives and vision. The excitement was amazing and people raring to go well before the committee was formed. People asked questions and also made their recommendations. It was agreed that positions for people living with disability was a critical inclusion in the structure. The committee was elected with a lady elected as Chair. Because of the huge turnout, we had to introduce a secretary for information and publicity which is not enshrined in our constitution. District representatives were elected to kick start our district structures. A Chair and Deputy for a separate structure for the University of Zimbabwe were elected and mandated to go and fill up the structure. ROHR is raring to go in Harare. Great minds, schemers, strategists have committed themselves today to take Harare and Zimbabwe to the promised land. Thank you Harare. Thank our President. Thank you our brothers and sisters in the UK. Thank you Zimbabwe. ROHR, together we can.


Launch of ROHR Masvingo Province – 19th September 2015
The Masvingo provincial structure has been constituted. The people of Masvingo converged at the civic centre to elect its provincial committee. The ROHR National Chair attended. He applauded the new members and outlined the vision of ROHR. He gave an encouraging statement on the need for sacrifice in times of limited resources People agreed that besides political rights we should also fight for socio economic rights, children's rights and disability rights. The issue of gender was also discussed. Despite the lack of resources we managed to hold a successful meeting: booking the venue and buying food and bus fares for participants. The people showed that they are prepared to work for the growth of the organisation and took to heart the slogan ‘Together We Can’. The spirit in ROHR Zimbabwe International is good and encouraging. Office bearers were elected including the first ROHR representative for people living with disabilities.


Launch of ROHR Midlands Province – 20th September 2015
Midlands province gathered in Gweru this morning to elect a provincial executive for ROHR. The meeting was attended by 23 people, all willing to get into the structure. The Vice Chair gave the opening remarks. People spoke on the need to take a strong stance against abusers of human rights by exposing every abuse known. The team, comprised of seasoned and new cadres, then elected their leaders settling for experience and courage. There were some difficult moments as all present were capable of having a position. All made a pledge to work hard and take the cause of ROHR forward. The team boasted, as Midlands is the heart of the country, everyone in the ROHR family will feel its heartbeat.


Launch of ROHR Mashonaland East Province – 26th September 2015
ROHR Mashonaland East Provincial Structure was set up on Saturday 26th September. Their report on WhatsApp reads: Welcome on board a new member of our ROHR family, Mashonaland East Province. It happened this morning at the Harare Gardens We had to change the venue from Marondera to Harare for security reasons , , .  Despite all the fears, we managed to have a successful meeting where a new executive was elected with the following posts: Chair, Co-ordinator, Secretary, Treasurer and others. The meeting was chaired by ROHR’s Vice Chair who gave an overview of the organisation. ROHR’s history, vision and programmes were explained. The people present showed great interest and pledged to work hard for the organisation. The Chair promised ‘fireworks’. The new committee stated people with positions should: have time bound deliverables, work as a united team, have evidence based advocacy, be reliable and honest, be the voice of the voiceless, not to abuse the privilege of leading in ROHR and finally not abuse the WhatsApp platform meant for ROHR business. The meeting ended with participants having lunch and getting their bus fares. Our treasurer and a pastor from a local pentecostal church prayed and pronounced blessings on every member of ROHR, its visionaries and the nation of Zimbabwe. Thank you all, thank you our president and founder. God bless and protect us all.


Launch of ROHR Mashonaland Central Province – 27th September 2015
Today the people of Mashonaland Central converged in their capital Bindura to talk about ROHR and elect an executive. The meeting was a big success and the contributions were rich and enlightening. There is an eagerness to start work and a strong desire to champion the cause of human rights. We in Mashonaland Central are thrilled to have our provincial leadership in place today. Thanks to all the delegates who attended today’s meeting. The following districts were represented: Bindura, Shamva, Mazowe, Mt Darwin, Mbire and Rushinga. Only Muzarabani could not make the day. Thank you all. We are happy. People living with disabilities were represented.


Launch of ROHR Matabeleland South Province – 1st October 2015
Today the people of Matabeleland South gathered in Gwanda to elect their provincial executive for ROHR. The excitement seen at all the other province launches was by far exceeded. The meeting coincided with the town fathers intending to introduce prepaid water meters. This has not gone down well with residents and a demo is planned. The demo is being led by the residents’ association and ROHR. An estimated 5000 people are expected to take to the streets. The meeting was well attended and a Chair was elected. Passionate human rights activists were chosen to be part of the executive. As always, the history, vision and objectives of ROHR were outlined. The meeting was graced by members of the residents’ association who asked ROHR to speak on the day of the demo. A special guest was the first executive mayor from the opposition, also a former headmaster, lecturer and legislator. The new executive requested help with visibility material on the day of the demo in form of tshirts, banner, fliers and mobilisation funds. A hearty welcome to our new brothers and sisters.


Launch of ROHR Matabeleland North Province – 2nd October 2015
The final member of our ROHR family finally came home officially this morning in the resort town of Victoria Falls. People from all around Matabeleland North converged to elect their provincial executive. It was the last province to be constituted but certainly not the least. The launch went so well and the people chose a lady to be the Chair and a reverend as the treasurer amongst others. Now that all provinces have been constituted, real work starts now from all the corners of this country. Thanks to all the people who made this exercise a success, all provincial chairpersons, the national secretariat and our leaders in the UK. We thank you most of all President and founder. Welcome Matabeleland North and thank you ROHR family for making this possible. Truly Together We Can.


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