Occupy Unity Square Protest - Zimbabwe Embassy, London - Saturday, 17th January 2015 from 2 -5 pm Print
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Saturday, 20 December 2014 10:46


17 January 2015 from 2pm – 5 pm

 Zimbabwe House, London, United Kingdom.


Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe

President of Republic of Zimbabwe
Munhumutapa Building
Samora Machel Ave

Dear Sir.

Re: Protest over Failure Of Government

WE, Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS) are presenting a position and demand on behalf of many Zimbabweans, over the failure of your government to properly and effectively manage the country. Ever since last year's elections and assumption of office by your current government, the country has been backsliding economically.

All economic indicators clearly show that that your government has totally lost control over management of the economy. High unemployment levels, over 90% collapse of industry and commerce, as well as massive decapitalisation, has combined to virtually kill the economy.


The past twelve months have proved the lack of capacity by your government to stem the economic crisis, which keeps worsening by each day. Consequently, social services delivery has been severely affected by the economic situation and apparent lack of funds across the economy.

The lack of interest by the global community, to assist our country with substantial financial packages at this time of urgent need, illustrates the crisis of legitimacy affecting your government.


We demand that you do the following:

1) Immediately admit and declare that your government has failed to run the country and must step down.

2) Agree and pave way for a process of engagement involving all national stakeholders, towards establishment of an administration that takes over, to manage the country and prepare for fresh elections.

3) Make a commitment and public announcement that your government shall not abuse the state security agents by unleashing them to either intimidate the people, or usurp the people's power and responsibility of determining the establishment of a new way for solving the national crisis.

4) Agree to, and accept that your party Zanu PF ceases to be the 'ruling party' but becomes one of the national stakeholders, to be involved in the national engagement, and in equal capacity with the rest.


We have invited all the other Zimbabweans agreeing to, and backing, our demand, to join us in protesting against your government and its failure to deliver. We shall continue to upholding our commitment to civil, peaceful and resolute means, until you take the important step of facing the nation over the crisis and our demand.


We are challenged and inspired to go all the way for the real prize or achievement - a better and new Zimbabwe. It is no longer a secret, and we do not speak in riddles anymore - we demand an end to the national crisis, and a peaceful transition into a new era of national progress and towards prosperity. You know in the depth of your heart, that this is not the Zimbabwe we want. This is not the Zimbabwe, which Josiah Magama Tongogara, Herbert Chitepo, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, to mention but a few, sacrificed and fought for.


It is clear, despite your claiming to have things under control, that, the national train long went off the rails and has become an urgent matter.


These pertinent matters, of a nation's livelihood and prosperity, were eloquently articulated to you in the petition and demands we handed to you on October 17, 2014. It is no longer OAUS issue, because, many Zimbabweans have come up to join in making the same demands.


Millions of Zimbabweans agree to the demands and really yearn for an immediate end to the national crisis. The majority also agree to the position of us, as a nation, having to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss through chaos and disorder. In other words, like us here, Zimbabweans want civil, peaceful and resolute processes out of the national crisis and towards a new day, of a better Zimbabwe.


We have for long years declined provocation and invitation by agents of evil and darkness, to turn our aspirations for a better nation into anarchy or bloodshed. We ardently hope and desire for a way that avoids such sad chapters and that is why we are here.


We have the guiding principles and compass, for which we are gathered here today, to articulate and entrench into our hearts. Yes, you are aware, of the petition and demands.


You are aware that we are spreading the message, which is gaining traction among Zimbabweans all over the world. You may pretend - together with members of your government, as well as media outlets - to be unmoved or unconcerned, but the reality is that this is an urgent national situation. We are not staging a media drama, nor script and shall go all the way even if the media outlets choose to ignore us or distort our story. They may continue enjoying your rhetoric, which, by and large, is a hotch-potch of hypocrisy and naked acting, far removed from reality.


We are unrelenting and as each day passes, we are getting resolved in demanding our response from you. We want you to stop pretending to have things under control or to be brewing miracles about the national situation. We want you to admit that you, together with your government, have failed, and, unavoidably have to step down, in order to allow for a new workable plan that involves all national stakeholders, including Zanu PF.


You and Zanu PF must admit and accept to engage the other stakeholders in good faith and equal capacity. Surely, you and Zanu PF should by now find it meaningless and shameful for you to want to continue holding the whole nation at ransom when you have failed so blatantly. Your excuses and forms of escapism no longer make sense to the suffering masses. The majority of Zimbabweans now know that corruption, plunder, avarice, mismanagement and general leadership frailty, have brought Zimbabwe to its knees.

Honestly, this must make you feel ashamed, because, from power shortages, water problems, collapsing health and education services, company closures, capital flight, brain drain, lack of investment and even failure to manage the country's revenue earning resources - there cannot be any other way to describe this, other than failure.

We are not apologetic about taking this stance, at all. We are being clear and unwavering, on our commitment towards demanding a peaceful, orderly and uniting way out of the pit of failure, and towards a new day of rebuilding Zimbabwe, together as a nation.


We genuinely and honestly love our country, hence choosing civil, peaceful and resolute means towards engaging you and making our demands. It no longer requires a professor, or a prophet to identify and tell that everything around your regime is in chaos and paralysis, and that it is a recipe for disaster, of any imaginable nature and form.

We love our country and do not want disaster. We want peace and a way out of the pit of your failure. Therefore, guided by our sacrosanct 10 Golden Rules, and exercising our inalienable constitutionally guaranteed rights, we, as civilian Zimbabweans, reaffirm and make clear our unrelenting push and demands for you to come out of your comfort zone, become real, and, together as a nation, we stop the crisis.


We are making this protest because it shall not require any force or army from another planet, continent or even country, to stop Zimbabwe’s slide. Zimbabwe belongs to us as well and we are determined to rescue the ship, take it to the shores and out of the mud.


There should not be any debating about the fact that Zimbabwe has clearly become a failed state under your government, President Robert Mugabe. The question is what to do and how to address that national crisis you have led us into.
We are demanding an end to the national crisis as well as work towards establishing a new, better Zimbabwe. 

We are the people.

We are the numbers

Let’s Go

Occupy Africa Unity Square - UK Chapter


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