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Saturday, 14 June 2014 20:12




Peace is calling

And you kept your ears shut,

Not because you want them shut; but they are forcing you to shut them so that you will remain captive;

Captives for them to be the Mafia;

Mafia in the period that others are starving, dying, suffering.

When is this going to end?



Family of Zimbabwe

Let's come together and stand;

Stand for our justice, peace and freedom, let's shout this together Mugabe must go!

To save Zimbabwe, Mugabe must go!

The regime full of corruption, destruction, poverty and suffering. When is this going to end?

Let's shout this again;

To save our beautiful Zimbabwe

Mugabe must go!

To have a new beginning,

Mugabe must go!

Together family of Zimbabwe, we can stand, yes we can!



I was born free

I have a right to eat,

I have a right to be educated,

I have a right to work,

Right to live,

As long as I am alive,

I know my rights.

How can I eat, all the food prices are going higher every day. I'm not educated

I don't have a job, because I'm an asylum seeker, after all I have a right to protection but nobody cares, I'm watching you abusing my rights.

I have a right to freedom but I am not that free, I'm suffering in my everyday life. I was persecuted, tortured, imprisoned but no one cares.

I have watched you abusing my rights because all the power is in you.

I was born free and nobody must take my rights and freedom away from me, I have a right to belong to a country but I am not accepted in any country; if anyone can help, please help me to have freedom to my rights.



The sons of the earth are crying,

Crying to have that freedom but no one can hear them.

It’s now more like our daily bread to suffer, to suffer for someone to have it all. So when are we going to have that freedom?

I have cried louder for my voice to be heard, but they let me down.

I have tried to talk but my voice is faint, no one can hear me. When are we going to have that freedom?

They said we haven't got it that makes us to stand, they even pushed us down because all power is in them; so when are we going to have that freedom?



I fought for democracy so that I can be heard but they put dictatorship in front of me, my name can't even qualify in the book. The book of survival of the fittest.

All the fat is theirs, mine is labour.

I even haven't got power,

Power to what is mine because I'm theirs. Thumbs down for dictatorship.

I will stand and fight for democracy,

Democracy that is going to lead me to what is mine and to make me the person that I have always wanted to be.

Democracy that is going to take me to a free world where I deserve more freedom than I have been given before.



In the hospital I am lying down,

No one is coming to check on me.

Pain is everywhere, tears are like rivers on my cheek, crying knowing that the chances of survival are slim.

I buzzed for help but no one heard me,

l knew the only option is six feet down;

I wish I was not born if life is this hard, to die like an animal.

I called the doctors they said "we are not paid enough". The nurses, the answers were the same. They neglected me and they watched me dying.



My hospital is very big and people are coming every day because they still have hope, but no one is going back home happily, because my hospital is a dead end.

There is no food, people are starving,

No treatment; people are in pain,

No medication, people are dying. No qualified nurses and doctors because they are not earning enough.

I have watched my loved ones dying, Young ones and elderly people crying, Crying for their loved ones. Everyone is now scared of my hospital.

There is no water, no electricity; the resources are not enough. People are going home without treatment.

In my hospital, people are dying every day.


By Tendai Chadehumbe 


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