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Friday, 18 April 2014 18:15

Tendai Biti said, ‘Zimbabwe may face a rebellion’. I think Zimbabwe will experience an uprising in the next 18 months. The political and economic environment in Zimbabwe is pregnant with signs of a mass uprising. Unemployment is at a record high, the economy is already in intensive care, and major companies are either shutting down or posting record losses. The bottom has fallen out. Many men are struggling to put food on the table for their families. When labour has started for a woman, it is a matter of whether the waters will break or not but a matter of when they will break. The political situation in Zimbabwe has been in labour for too long and it is now time for the inevitable to happen.


Wherever an oppressive system of dictatorship exists, the people’s resistance is inevitable. It is a matter of time before this will happen in Zimbabwe. An uprising is imminent in Zimbabwe. In conditions where a dictator is all powerful and the people are so poor, powerless and helpless uprisings spring successfully. In Zimbabwe people have been reduced to subservient machines (political robots) just following orders to jump, sing and vote when required to. Crime and corruption have prevailed unabated in full sight of the president.


Our actions must culminate in changing a deceitful dictator and a rotten regime. For any nation to stage an effective uprising there must be a sense of helpfulness or futility in the populace, such that the option of doing nothing would seem likely to result in a worse outcome than taking up a dangerous course of action. The question is Have Zimbabweans reached a ‘Do or Die’ situation? To put this in simpler terms life has to be painful enough and unbearable where risking it beats all alternatives. People should also believe that an historic change is achievable.


The common factor with all successful uprisings is the replacement of a perceived lack of representation with a perceived representation, even if that representation is minimal. Half a loaf is better than none. An uprising should not be launched where there is no a substantial succession plan. Removing a regime to replace it with a void can lead to a very dangerous situation whereby radical opportunists can quickly move in to fill the void creating worse conditions than those that existed before; an example of this is the Egyptian uprising. Zimbabwe should not make the same mistake.


We all know that it would take a lot to get the people of Zimbabwe to rise up against a powerful dictator like Robert Mugabe. Unless the people are brave enough to unite and push together, the current oppressive regime will not move an inch. We will die poor! Our children will die poor! And our grandchildren will also die poor. I have not got it all, but together we have got it all. Zimbabweans have suffered a lot for too long. It is time Zimbabweans should seize their fate and decide the future of the country. Zimbabwe arise! Wake up and smell the coffee! It is time for tea. Tea for you. T4U. Time for Uprising.  


An article by Vigil supporter Erick Eluwasi MSc, CISSP, MBCS, CITP


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