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Sunday, 16 February 2014 12:50

Wilbert Mukori’s comment on parastatal corruption

George Charamba and Luxon Zembe the new face to take over at Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) from suspended $500,000 per month Cuthbert Dube must have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in their own right! They were board members of PSMAS and sat on at least 8 of 13 subcommittees within the sprawling group.


The group owns Claybank Clinic (Private) Limited, Dorothy Duncan Centre, Premier Optometry Services (Private), Emergency Medical Rescue Ambulance Services, Premier Service Clinical Laboratories (Private) Limited, Premier Rehabilitation Services and Premier Dental Clinics (Private) Limited.


Stop to catch my breath! Medical Centre, Parkview Hospital, PMAC Properties, Premier Services Medical Healthcare (Private) Limited, Premier Service Hospitals Chiredzi, Premier Service Hospitals Shashi, PSMI Hospitals (West End Hospitals), Premier Service Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited and Premier Service Radiology.


The group is valued at $310 million and is mainly funded by civil servants and taxpayers.


“I am culpable to the extent that I didn’t ask the right questions,” admitted Charamba. He refused to say how much he fleeced from PSMAS.


Mugabe is the patron of PSMAS; say no more! For he is the premier patron of all the corruption, looting and brutal repression and murders in the country!


With all this, it is little wonder the tyrant blatantly rigged the July 2013 elections denying the people the fundamental right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country, He and his cronies did not want to lose all their loot, much less have to account for the blood of over 30 000 they murdered in cold blood for selfish political gain. Still the corruption and looting had become so rampant it is overwhelming the regime, the stench of the rot is so powerful not even a bath in Chanel No 5 can hide it.


There are some EU countries that have been keen to lift the sanctions against Mugabe and deal with his regime. Even they must be hesitating now; there is a limit as to how long a man can hold his breath! No one is going to rescue Mugabe; they all stand back and watch him drown in his own stinking mess!


 Mugabe rigged the July 2013 elections and he is not going to get away with it. Not this time! No chance! No way! The sooner the tyrant realises things the sooner he will save himself from more damaging revelations.


Wilbert Mukori’s comments on the EU / AU Summit

Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections. The AU knows that but, sadly, the continental body is led by some of the most incompetent leaders on this planet.


The AU's threat to boycott the Africa-EU summit is bizarre to say the very least in that it is Africa that needs Europe more than the other way round. Yes Africa has turned to the Middle East and Far East, especially China for unconditional trade. If Europe and the West are exploiting Africa then China is even worse. The West is at worst a tick to a cow whilst China is at best a diseased vampire bat!


Which is why, with the nation bankrupt, Mugabe is desperate to have his ban on travel to Europe lifted so he can attend the Africa / EU summit and visit all the European countries begging bowl in one hand and walking stick in the other. He can go to China any day but he does not bother because he knows he will not get a penny from them. To go begging to the Chinese; that is like a beggar standing outside a public lavatory, all he will get is the smell!


Ever since Kenya coerced the rest of the AU to endorse its call to have serving heads of state exempted from ICC charges, the AU has grown too big for its boots! The West should not allow an unregistered beggars’ union to dictate its foreign policy. The West should simply cut all aid, loans and grants to all those African nations who do not attend the Africa / EU or Africa / USA summits.


The EU was right to cut aid to Malawi because the level of corruption in that country had reached nauseating heights and now, thank God, its leaders are doing some long overdue spring cleaning. Now the West must extend the same stern no-nonsense stand to the rest of Africa. If the continent’s leaders are stupid enough to allow themselves to cover up for Mugabe’s barbarism them they must share in the punishment too!


Turning a blind eye to Mugabe’s blatant vote rigging is one thing but trying doing the same thing – which they will be compelled to do if the West was to cut all its financial support - and getting away with it is another as Mugabe and Malawi’s Banda can testify!  



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