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Thursday, 21 November 2013 20:24

Media Notice – 21st November 2013


Zimbabweans driven into exile have complained that an Israeli company, Nikuv, helped rig the July elections which returned Mugabe to power.


The Zimbabwe Vigil in the UK says there is convincing evidence that Nikuv manipulated the voters’ roll in the elections on hire from Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.


The Vigil, which has been protesting outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London for the past 11 years in support of human rights, warns that Nikuv’s involvement will be counterproductive for Israel because the Mugabe regime has already indicated that it is prepared to sell uranium to Iran. The Vigil has written the following letter to the Israeli government.


Open letter to the Prime Minister and people of Israel


The people of Zimbabwe have been struggling for the last 33 years to unseat a corrupt and brutal post-independence regime – a regime that has crashed their hopes and dreams of freedom, liberty and the human dignity the nation had gone to war for and paid dearly for with the loss of many lives.


Since Independence Mugabe and his Zanu PF party have ruled the country with an iron fist, corrupting the country’s democratic institutions and denying the people their basic freedoms and rights including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and the right to life itself. Thousands of innocent Zimbabweans have been murdered by Mugabe and his followers to establish the country’s de facto one-party dictatorship.


This year, 2013, the nation had its best chance ever to end Mugabe’s reign of terror peacefully through free, fair and credible elections. It is most disheartening that Mugabe was once again able to rig the elections. Worse still, it is hard to believe that an Israeli company, Nikuv, was the tyrant’s chief architect of this vote rigging.


What have the people of Zimbabwe ever done to Israel that an Israeli company should seek to foil their hopes and dreams of justice, peace and life itself in such a heartless way?


Nikuv worked with the Mugabe regime in 2002 and is reportedly being hired by other countries in the region such as Malawi.


We believe the Israeli government and people owe it to the people of Zimbabwe to force Nikuv to reveal the role it played in helping Mugabe rig the elections.


It is not just in the interest of natural justice that the truth should be known about how the Zimbabwe elections were rigged but also in Israel’s national interest. It is no secret that Iran has been trying to buy Zimbabwe’s uranium for its nuclear programme. A tyrant like Mugabe or his successor will not hesitate to do such a deal with a repressive regime like Iran.


We therefore call upon the Prime Minister of Israel and the people of Israel to stop Nikuv exporting chaos and mayhem to Zimbabwe and our region and to assist us in establishing the full truth of Nikuv’s involvement in Zimbabwe’s 2013 rigged elections.


Below is part of a report by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) detailing the rigging of Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections including the role paid by Nikuv. The MDC says in its report that Nikuv was run and operated by the Israeli spy agency Mossad.


Wilbert Mukori

On behalf of the Zimbabwe Vigil and the Zimbabwe Action Forum mandated by the ‘Restore Zimbabwe’ conference.


How Mugabe rigged the elections by Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai

This is Part 1 of a 54 page dossier exposing how President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party allegedly rigged the July 31 elections in Zimbabwe using a shadowy network of groups and organizations. The report clearly identifies the central players and strategies employed.



The national harmonized elections held by Zimbabwe on July 31, 2013 were massively rigged by a network of groups and organizations hired by the Zanu PF system for the sole purpose of fraudulently denying Zimbabweans their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote and express their free will and also give Zanu PF and its leader, Robert Mugabe an illegitimate victory.


Through confidential links with the structures and organizations that were involved in the rigging mission, details of the whole plan and how it was executed were obtained.


Further, investigations spread across the national political and electoral framework helped in the establishment of facts, details and all the necessary information used in compiling this report.


The rigging machinery started seriously preparing for the mission as early as February 2013, with some of the strategies having been rolled out since 2012 under a very thick veil of secrecy and with the Zanu PF system abusing its control and manipulation of key state institutions as well as departments. (Note: 1)


A total amount of US$100 million (2) was used for the rigging mission, which involved a monolith system and structure comprising largely secretive and shadowy organizations as well as individuals.


This report outlines, analyses and assesses the whole mechanism that was used to rig the polls, clearly identifying the players that were involved, the strategies and dirty tactics they employed as well as showing how they influenced the results which were announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).


Local organizations, individuals and structures within the state’s security sector were at the epicenter of the rigging machinery and under the command of military and intelligence senior personnel, which supervised and directed the network and processes. Vast technical expertise and support was also incorporated and provided by foreign individuals and organizations.


A firm run and operated by Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, Nikuv International Projects (NIP) (3) played a major role in the manipulation and corruption of the processes of voter registration and compilation of a shambolic voters’ roll, which were primarily the initial phases for the rigging processes.


This report outlines the role played by Nikuv Projects and how it literally took over the management of the voters’ roll from the Registrar General. It further reveals the clandestine existence and operating relationship between the group and the Zanu PF system, including secretive payments of huge amounts of funds for the work it carried out.


The Zanu PF system also hired experts from China that played a major role in the training and orientation of militia and Zanu PF structures that were used to carry out specific tasks and worked under the command of the military and intelligence.


These tasks included ballot stuffing, creation of fake IDs and fake voter registration slips as well as spearheading multiple voting.


The Chinese experts were also instrumental in the development and use of a special water marked ballot paper, which was designed to give all the votes cast on it to Zanu PF candidates through sophisticated paper technology.

Secret command centers were operated by the rigging machinery across the whole country, at military bases, Zanu PF premises and also at farms, which hosted militia and activists that were trained and deployed to carry out the mission.


The secret bases were also used to stock material such as ballot paper, fake IDs, fake registration slips and also for tasks of ballot stuffing. This report provides a breakdown of the major secret bases that were used by the rigging machinery.


It shall also be revealed and outlined in this report that the rigging mission was carried out at provincial level and with specific strategies and mechanisms being used for each province, varyingly and determined by specific objectives that the Zanu PF system had for each of the country’s provinces.


The architects of the rigging mission initially identified political dynamics, voting patterns and also the distribution of seats in previous elections to come up with specific targets and objectives for each and every province. They, for example, identified provinces which they resolved to go all out and make clean sweep of the parliamentary seats and that meant employing specific strategies to achieve that.


Subsequently, it shall be noted and explained in this report that due to the varying targets and objectives as well as strategies from one province to another, the rigging plans ended up being sophisticated and complicated.


To manage that situation, the Zanu PF system ensured that it deployed key intelligence and military operatives at each and every level and stage of the system and processes, who effectively wielded the most power and operated the programs, reducing proper channels and officials to being bystanders and rubber stampers.


Retired intelligence and military personnel were summoned and deployed across the country to supervise and direct the rigging plans and programs, as a way of boosting the numbers of those currently still in the service.


That factor also meant the need for huge funding and a wider resource base, which the Zanu PF system alone could not cater for and that brings in further involvement of external players who provided funding. Among them were leaders and organizations from within the African, who knowingly abetted the rigging mission through providing funding.


Presidents of Equatorial Guinea and the DRC personally provided funding for the rigging machinery. The Zanu PF system exploited its corrupt stranglehold on the Marange diamonds to fix illegal deals that helped it raise funds for the rigging mission.


This report provides all the details and information about the individuals, organizations and entities that were involved, as well the budget, funding and the rigging strategies and methodologies.

It also provides deeper analysis and assessment of the rigging processes to provide a clearer understanding of how they contributed to the cocktail of outcomes, including disenfranchising many voters, creating millions of ghost voters and how that was manipulated to inflate voting numbers, carry out ballot stuffing as well as even turning votes cast for the MDC candidates into reflecting for Zanu PF candidates.



1.     It was the failure by MDC to implement the democratic reforms and write a democratic constitution, above all else, that has allowed Mugabe and Zanu PF to rig these elections. They had five years in the Government of National Unity to do this and yet not even a single reform was implemented and they accepted a weak and feeble Copac constitution.


The people themselves played their part in this by failing to see MDC for what the party is – a party of blundering and incompetent individuals. They followed MDC blindly, just as they had followed Zanu PF for decades after independence. The most telling moment was when the nation voted to accept the feeble Copac constitution in the March 2013 referendum; at least 90% of them had not even read it.


They accepted MDC’s promise that it will bring free and fair election as Gospel although there was overwhelming evidence to the contrary already. Not even one reform had been implemented, for example, and passing the new constitution would slam the door shut to any future reforms.


A healthy and functional democracy demands an active, reactive and proactive electorate not one with the mental agility of a sloth!  


2.       US$ 100 million is a gross underestimation of how much Mugabe and Zanu PF squandered in rigging this elections.


The Sunday Times (UK) revealed on June 3, details of how Chinese and Zimbabwe diamond companies pumped £523m or US$ 800m cash into Mugabe’s war chest. Joseph Kabila, president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, allegedly gave $85m and the government of Equatorial Guinea gave $92m to the slush fund.


The Zimbabwe Independent July 2013 reported that Meikles boss John Moxon donated 550 new cars to Zanu PF worth US$14 million to be used by the party’s electioneering. (This is in addition to the party having unfettered access to all state resources.) Meikles seems to have been given mineral concessions in return.


Partnership Canada reported that Mugabe got US$2 billion in 2012 alone from his diamond concession in Marange. None of this was going to the country’s public coffers.


So all told, Mugabe must have raised and spent US$ 3 to 4 billion in this election. Zimbabwe’s national GDP in 2012 was US$ 7.7 billion and national budget was $4 billion.


Whilst the nation struggled to find enough funds to pay for even the most basic services like education and health and to provide clean water to drink; Mugabe’s war chest was full to the brim!


Mugabe did not need to use violence in 2013, he had all the money he needed to buy the royalty of his own rebellious supporters, the various state organs, influential outsiders like Nikuv and even that of his political opponents! 


3.     It is no exaggeration to say Nikuv “won” this election for Mugabe. Nikuv tampered with the voters roll so that nearly a million voters were denied the right to vote although they had registered and their names were on the voters roll. Names were on the national roll but not in the right constituency the individual expected it to be.


It was Nikuv who planned and ensure the country had 6 million on the voters roll, an impossible figure given the nation has 13 million people and about 4 million, mainly adults, are out of the country. The high number of registered voters allowed Zanu PF operative to bus in voters outside the constituency to cast multiple votes each.


The corrupted voters roll is the smoking gun to the vote rigging and the regime has stubbornly refused to release a copy of the voters rolls fearful of what the world will discover. Nikuv owe it to the people of Zimbabwe and the world to reveal how the corrupted the voters roll and thus allowed a tyrannical party to “win” the elections.


4.       The report talks of how Mugabe directly met leaders and representatives of foreign organizations that were involved in the mission, such as those from Israeli firm, Nikuv Projects and experts that came from China under the facilitation of the Chinese Communist Party.


Mugabe met and hosted Nikuv Projects’ Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Antebion June 20 and July 30 in Harare for briefings about the rigging mission as well as payment arrangements for the secret services the company was doing in the rigging mission.


Nikuv was paid a princely sum of US$ 13 million for its services to the Zanu PF dictatorship.


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