Tenth 21st Movement Free Zimbabwe Global Protest - Operation Take Back Zimbabwe (OTBZ). Saturday 20th October outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, London Print
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Thursday, 18 October 2012 19:13
Message to supporters


Den Moyo, Co-ordinator of the 21st Movement, has suggested we target the Zimbabwe government for the Tenth 21st Movement Free Zimbabwe Global Protest on Saturday 20th October.  We are meeting as usual at 2 pm and targeting the Embassy along the lines outlined below. Please come and join us. Please bring posters with relevant messages if you can.


We are going straight to the head of the snake and targeting Zimbabwe embassies worldwide. We have succeeded in the previous rounds to take our message to SADC, the Regional players and the UN, now is the time to take the message home.


The theme for Round 10 is Operation Take Back Zimbabwe (OTBZ). Here are some areas that we want to bring awareness to:

·       The 2nd Stakeholders meeting - should not be hijacked by Zanu PF, should have independent monitors

·       Stop the violence and arbitrary arrests of opposition party members

·       Ensure that the referendum takes place as required by the GPA

·       Demand free, fair, credible and indisputable elections

·       Demand for International monitors at both the referendum and elections

·       Demand a new voters' roll

·       No repeat of 2008 by whatever means possible

·       Condemn the partisan Judiciary System whose judges are beneficiaries of the chaotic land grab

·       Condemn the holding at ransom of Parliament operations by Mugabe's refusal to open a new parliamentary session since the last one was closed in July.

·       Demand that diamond money benefit all Zimbabweans