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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 19:40

Mugabe it’s time to go

It all started in 1980 when the people of Zimbabwe voted for you

The whole country celebrated

Everyone rejoiced and trusted you as the President

Yet they didn’t know what you are capable of

Then election after election you changed colour like a chameleon

Rigging elections and stealing votes

Because you wanted to stay in power

Mugabe you have turned our country into a sorry and chaotic state

You have declared war on opposition parties

You have even murdered some of your Zanu PF cronies

Just because you are greedy and ruthless

The health and education systems are in a mess

All this is because of you and your Zanu PF

You have targeted teachers, nurses and many others

Because you know they don’t agree with your ideas

Murgabe you have rejected free and fair elections

You have broken all the promises including the GPA

For 3 decades you have silenced the people who voted for you in 1980

No one is allowed to vote freely and everyone is in fear of your party

But, we in the diaspora, we will never be silenced

We say enough is enough and you must go

We say Mugabe you must go now

Mugabe you are a hard hearted man

You have killed, maimed, stolen and burnt homes and houses

You have driven many out of the country

You even drove the farmers away

Yes, you may say you have never killed with your own hands

But we know you have used the army, the police and the militia

As your weapon for killing

You have turned them into murderers

Mugabe you must go for we need a new Zimbabwe

A new Zimbabwe with a new leader

We want freedom in our country and Mugabe you must go

The whole country is fed up with you

And you must go now to free Zimbabwe

Mugabe you must go and go now.




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