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Sunday, 10 September 2017 14:27

Vice-President Mnangagwa is reported to have been discussing plans for a transitional government, including the MDC, to run Zimbabwe for five years after the impatiently awaited departure of Mugabe. Mnangagwa is said to be planning to compensate white farmers dispossessed by the land seizures and invite them to resume farming to revive the agricultural sector. 

The discussions are reported to have involved army generals who are said to have softened their opposition to working with the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Reuters news agency says the reports draw on documents leaked from the Central Intelligence Organisation and information from politicians and diplomats.

Mugabe himself is implacably opposed to bringing back white farmers which would explain his recent increased criticism of the Vice-President. For its part, the MDC has confirmed that it received overtures from the Mnangagwa camp but the party is reported to be against joining any administration that is not the product of an election (see:

During the week Vigil activists protested outside the Zimbabwe Embassy against Grace Mugabe’s disgraceful behaviour. They attempted to deliver a letter to the Embassy on Tuesday but, although it was a weekday, the front door was closed. So they tried to deliver it to a side door but were told to put it in the post. It was sent recorded delivery and was signed for, according to Royal Mail, by the Embassy the next day. The letter reads:

To “Doctor” Grace Mugabe

Your violent and lawless behaviour has shamed and disgusted Zimbabweans worldwide. We list some international incidents in which you behaved disgracefully and embarrassed the country:

  • Hong Kong 2009:  British photographer Richard Jones was beaten and punched repeatedly by you while he was trying to photograph you. A Sunday Times (UK) correspondent, Michael Sheridan, who witnessed the event said: "The bodyguard grabbed Mr Jones, wrestled with him . . . then held him while Mrs Mugabe struck him in the face repeatedly. She was completely deranged, absolutely raging with anger”. He suffered cuts and bruises said to have been caused by the "diamond rings on her fingers".
  • Malaysia 2009: you assaulted staff at Kuala Lumpur airport when required to go through a check-in process, grabbing a member of security staff by the collar and bellowing that you were the wife of a President and could do whatever the hell you wanted to whenever you wanted to. Members of the Mugabe entourage had to plead with Malaysian authorities to stop you being arrested
  • Dubai September 2016: once again you assaulted a journalist.
  • Singapore August 2017: you assaulted reporters and threw their cellphones into a pond and were made to reimburse them before being released. You paid reporters in Singapore to try to prevent the incident making headlines. When it did, a member of your close protection unit was accused of leaking information and tortured and beaten. The Reuters offices in Harare were stormed by police and state security agents after a leak to their office was shared with Reuters in Singapore. Journalists at Reuters Zimbabwe were promised "severe consequences should any further leaks lead back to them".
  • Johannesburg August 2017: you assaulted Johannesburg model Gabriella Engels with an extension cord at a Sandton hotel. Ms Engels’ head was cut in three place. Your sons and security watched without intervening.

 Other misdemeanours that have embarrassed and shamed Zimbabweans:

  • Heartless eviction of occupants of Arnold farm, Mazowe. Police claiming to act on your behalf demolished homes, destroyed property and beat up those who resisted.
  • Your efforts to establish a Mugabe dynasty including telling people to vote for Mugabe’s corpse if necessary.
  • Fraudulently acquiring academic qualifications –  a 2-month doctorate from the University of Zimbabwe.
  • The drug and alcohol-fuelled antics of your out-of-control children.

The people of Zimbabwe urge you to seek anger-control and relational therapy. We can put you in touch with reputable practitioners in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Hong Kong and Johannesburg.

The Zimbabwe Vigil

Other points

  • The UK Times columnist Matthew Parris has been having another lovely holiday in Zimbabwe – to escape what he describes as political madness in Britain. Parris, a former Conservative MP, writes beautifully about the chirruping of the frogs in the Gonarezhou national park and goes on to say: ‘the impression given in the British media that Zimbabwe has collapsed is wrong. The truth is more complicated, and awful uncertainties loom: but as a visitor you can expect a friendly welcome in a magnificent country.’ Indeed Mr Parris the truth is more complicated. There are many faults in the British media: one of them is that they hardly pay any attention to Zimbabwe. If you went to Zimbabwe to escape ‘political madness’, the British media should have warned you that you were going to a country where millions are starving and suffering under a brutal quasi-Marxist regime from which up to a quarter of the population have fled to South Africa and further abroad (see:
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