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Sunday, 09 October 2016 17:50 

There was no breast-beating or wringing of hands when Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru made a wooden pitch for respectability at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London on Thursday.

Of the abuses committed during her 34 years in the Mugabe inner circle she confessed to nothing, admitting only ‘guilt by association’. Certainly no repentance. She had been kicked out as Vice President, she said, because she was a ‘moderate’ who favoured restoring relations with the West. (Not, as Mugabe alleged, being a ‘witch’.)

But it was nevertheless a bit magical that Mrs Mujuru arrived at Chatham House in what we were told was the Ambassador’s car – an unheard of courtesy to an ‘opposition’ figure (let alone a ‘witch’ of the West).

What was equally surprising was the small group of prosperous-looking Mujuru supporters with sparkling new banners gathered outside the front door. Surprising because other Zimbabweans – perhaps less well-dressed and suspected of being less welcoming – were herded behind a metal barricade on the far side of the road, watched over by two police officers.

On this occasion a few Vigil supporters were allowed into Chatham House to hear what was going on. They say Mujuru made all the right noises (reading from a prepared script): ‘We want a government responsive to the needs of the citizens . . . there is a generational disconnect . . . country ruined by mismanagement of old guard . . . we will respect the constitution , , , repeal repressive legislation , , , observe property rights . . . restore collateral value of land . . . pay compensation , , , repeal indigenisation . . . reduce corruption . . . depoliticise, privatise parastatals . . . allow dual citizenship . . . diaspora vote . . . ‘

It could have been a party political broadcast for the Vigil. But we wouldn’t choose anyone with her history in Zanu PF to deliver it. Our supporters at the Chatham House meeting didn’t get a chance to ask her the question: ‘What do you know about the election rigging?’ At the very least the Vigil wants the full details from the Zanu PF defectors so that the world knows that all elections in the last two decades have been cooked.

Mrs Mujuru is reported to have had a meeting in London with the owner of the farm on which she lives and is said to have offered to pay him a million dollars or so in compensation. She told the owner that she is a poor chicken farmer but we believe she is loaded. Nevertheless, Mr Watson-Smith should know that any compensation he gets is likely to be paid in bond notes.

The Vigil certainly welcomes Mujuru to the ranks of the struggle for democracy. But we remain deeply distrustful of those who have been for so long close to the heart of Zanu PF evil. ‘Peace and reconciliation?’ The question remained unaddressed at the Chatham House meeting.

Other points

  • A meeting of the Zimbabwe Action Forum after the Vigil took the view that the British government was being deluded by Mrs Mujuru. The meeting warned against accepting her as ‘a reformed Zanu PF’ element to provide a bridge to a new administration. The meeting discussed proposals for a transitional authority to take over from Mugabe and felt that it should not include politicians.
  • We notice that, following our picture last week of the dilapidated sign over the Embassy door, it has now been fixed. Perhaps they will now take a look at their tattered flag flown above the building. We understand it is illegal to display the national flag in a way open to ridicule.
  • Today we marked nineteen months since human rights activist Itai Dzamara was abducted. We will continue our monthly protests until his disappearance is accounted for.
  • Our condolences go to Eunice Mucherechedzo who lost her father and Cynthia Zambe who lost her husband. Collections were made for both.
  • Thanks to those who arrived early to help set up: Elizabeth Chakachaka, Mavis Chisvo, Kevin Gondo, Isabell Gwatidzo, Prosper Karuru, Fungayi Mabhunu, Honest Madondo, Phylis Magejo, Phillip Mahlahla, Jacob Mandipira, Bonisile Manyatsi, Roseline Mukucha, Alfredy Mukuvare, Tracy Mupeti, Eva Sanyahokwe, Michael Sirewu. Douglas and Maureen Tavengwa.  Thanks to Roseline, Cathrine Musa and Emmaculate Tshuma for looking after the front table, to Phillip, Alfredy, Honest and Jacob for putting up the banners and to Leslyn Kamba for handing out flyers. Thanks also to those who stayed to the end to help pack up: Idris Ashe, George Chinamora, Mavis Chisvo, Enniah Dube, Zondiwe Gumede, Leslyn Kamba, Lilian Kanyasa, Jonathan Kariwo, Marjory Kunaka, Fungayi Mabhunu, Honest Madondo, Phillip Mahlahla, Gladys Moyo, Nqobizitha Moyo, Nicodimus Muganhu, Roseline Mukucha, Alfredy Mukuvare, Esther Munyira, Tracy Mupeti, Cathrine Musa, Michael Mushonga, Mduduzi Ndlovu and Ephraim Tapa.

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  • Zimbabwe Vigil’s  Anniversary. On Saturday 15th October we will mark the Vigil’s 14th anniversary.
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