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Sunday, 01 March 2015 16:29


 ‘An event of truly spectacular moral ugliness’ was how the Mayor of London Boris Johnson described Mugabe’s 91st birthday party. Johnson’s opinion counts as he has a strong following and is widely tipped to be a future Prime Minister.


‘While his people are starving, the ancient despot will convoke 20,000 cronies at a kind of golf club-cum-safari lodge near the Victoria Falls’ said Mr Johnson, a classics scholar. ‘In scenes reminiscent of the more disgusting and luxurious behaviour of the emperor Commodus, he will cause various exotic beasts to be slaughtered for the feast. Five impalas will be roasted, two sables, two buffaloes – and then, to the ululations of his drunken Zanu-PF supporters, there will be a series of culinary climaxes, each more revolting than the last.’


He continued: ‘A local farmer has procured two elephants, and after these rare and majestic creatures have been butchered for the delectation of the semi-deified Mugabe, there will be one more type of meat to come – an animal that you might think was semi-sacred, whose killing should be taboo, a creature that people would never normally dream of eating. Yes, a lion, the king of the animal kingdom, will lay down its life before the meat-maddened mob and have the honour of surrendering its mortal flesh to the palsied gullet of the man who still calls himself the “Hitler of Africa”.


Johnson goes on: ‘And then, at last, the cake will appear, predicted to weigh 200lb, and in the most depraved and demoralising vignette of all, this crowd of brainwashed Zimbabweans will sweetly sing Happy Birthday to the man who has impoverished their country. This birthday party is predicted to cost $1 million at a time when Zimbabweans are living on 35 cents a day. Teachers across the country have been forced to contribute $10 each to put on the show.’ (See:
Happy birthday, Mr Mugabe, with special love from Labour).


The Mayor of London doesn’t have to look far to find ‘brainwashed Zimbabweans’. The Zanu - PF UK Chairman, Nick Mangwana, told a birthday celebration in Birmingham that Mugabe was ‘a visionary who does not get old but instead gets better . . . It is the gift to see what nobody else can see’. Things like food on the table, clean tap water, electricity, jobs? (see: – Mugabe's UK Birthday Bash).           


No doubt Mr Mangwana will nod his head in approval at the visionary advice Mugabe gave on the eve of his birthday feast. Avoiding a full tummy is the secret to long life he told Zimbabwe’s starving masses during a ZBC interview. ‘I eat well, not filling my stomach, eating foodstuffs that I believe sustain one most’ he said as he prepared to tuck into two elephants and a lion (see:
) - Avoiding a full tummy is the secret to long life,' reveals Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe). 

The economist Vice Musuwe sees things differently. In a letter to the diaspora he said walking the streets of Harare it is difficult not see and smell the poverty and hopelessness. Living standards have gone back 60 years and we should expect nothing new in 2015 except lies that things are getting better (see: A letter to the Diaspora –


Other points

·       Thanks to Fungayi Mabhunu for donning our Mugabe mask to illustrate the ‘nauseating feast; at Victoria Falls.

·       Insights into our rulers: former Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono is disputing a claim for $1.3 million for cars he bought for his various business enterprises in January 2009. He doesn’t contest the debt but argues it was an illegal transaction as it shouldn’t have been done in US dollars at the time! Just another of his dodgy deals then? (see: $1,3m debt haunts Gono –

·       Vice President Mnangagwa says the government is ‘realigning’ the indigenisation policy to attract foreign investment. But new indigenisation minister Chris Mushohwe say he is still trying to find out what he is supposed to be doing in his job . . . (see: - Govt to revisit indigenisation: Mnangagwa).

·       Nehanda Radio says the sacked Masvingo Minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti is fleeing the country after destroying the mango and orange trees on the farm he grabbed under land reform. We expect to see him in the UK shortly (see: ( - Sacked minister destroys farm, plans to leave the country)

·       For Makusha Mugabe’s article on our big protest on Saturday 21st February see:  

·       There are two further showings in London of the film ‘Democrats’: 20th March at 6.30 pm at the Barbican and 23rd March at 6.15 pm at the Ritzy, Brixton. Check: for tickets. Both screenings are followed by discussion with filmmaker Camilla Nielsson and Dewa Mavhinga, Senior Researcher for Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, Africa Division, Human Rights Watch).


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