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Sunday, 03 June 2012 17:27

As we joined in the celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee, Vigil supporters also rejoiced at the tough line against Mugabe taken at the SADC meeting in Luanda. Regional leaders made it clear they would not be steam-rollered by Zanu PF into agreeing to elections in Zimbabwe before the GPA has been honoured. Instead they ordered Mugabe to observe a twelve month framework for introducing reforms.


It seems that all the SADC leaders – apart from Sata of Zambia – came out against Mugabe’s rush to the polls. If he now goes ahead and calls elections unilaterally the results will not be recognised by SADC or anyone else.


People from the Vigil went on to a lively and well-attended meeting of the Zimbabwe Action Forum (ZAF) on Saturday night after we finished our weekly protest outside the Embassy. There was no confidence in the GPA and we discussed what we could do to keep up pressure on SADC and mobilise people in the event of a Zanu PF suicide attack. Several people were tasked to set up a facebook page for ZAF and it was agreed the next meeting would be brought forward a week because of the urgency of the situation.


As for the likelihood of Zanu PF going ahead with an election this year, we were interested to get an email from the MDC MP Eddie Cross about a meeting between an unnamed person and a retired army general. The unidentified  person reported: ‘The general said the military was not engaged in rhetoric when they say they are not prepared to countenance a possible MDC victory. They mean it and they are ready to take over power in the event the MDC wins the next elections. On the issue of elections he said there was nothing that could stop President Mugabe and Zanu PF going ahead with the elections in 2012.’ (For full email, see:


Vigil supporters welcomed the outspoken comments by the exiled MDC Treasurer-General Roy Bennett in a speech at Oxford. Roy was one of the people who inspired us to start the Vigil. Here are a few extracts from his speech (for full text see: Bennett Speech: Smoke and mirrors: another look at politics and ethnicity in Zimbabwe):

·        ‘What I am asserting is that the primary agenda (of Zanu PF) has always been the pursuit of wealth and power –and that basic human rights, let alone the national good, have always been thrown out the window when they impinge on that agenda. The Big Lie is found in the contradictions between rhetoric and reality: the ‘liberators' enslave, the ‘avengers' steal, the ‘defenders' murder and rape.’

·        ‘The talk now hides, very barely, sheer gluttony and rampant avarice. This is a disease, an addiction unhinged and uncontrollable. Many of Mugabe's acolytes have become unimaginably rich. But, now, in Zimbabwe, enough is never enough.’

·        ‘What we have, then, is the exaltation and ruthless pursuit of mammon, a god whose worshippers come from all shades of life and who are supported by regional and international bandits and shoplifters. This criminal syndicate is laying waste to what remains of the nation's body and soul.’

·        ‘Already, the tried and tested (coercive) methods are being dusted off for the next elections. Meanwhile, some of the lucre must be distributed to members of the opposition whose eyes have become bigger than their heads. This is the largely untold story of the last four years, since MDC has entered the so-called government of national unity.’


The British government has assured the Vigil that it is ready to help SADC in its efforts to ensure free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. The assurance came in a letter from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in response to our petition submitted on 21st April calling for UN intervention in Zimbabwe. Here is part of their reply: ‘We share your concerns over the potential for violence in the forthcoming elections in Zimbabwe and that the international community, particularly SADC, have a critical role to play in ensuring that this does not happen. We are encouraged by SADC’s commitment, as guarantor of the GPA, that necessary reforms must be completed so that elections, whenever held, would be credible and free from violence. We stand ready to assist SADC in any way we can to help them achieve this.’ For full text of the letter see:


Other points

·        The Vigil found it ironic that Zimbabwe showed such an ugly face to visitors in the same week as Mugabe was named a UN ambassador for tourism. At the very least, the arrest of the British music presenter Petroc Trelawny showed a paranoid, dysfunctional, ‘bully’boy’ government. Whatever Zanu PF thinks, Zimbabwe’s jails are not a tourist attraction. The Vigil, which broke the news to the media of Trelawny’s plight, is impressed by his generosity of spirit (see: – my cold night in Zimbabwe police cell, by BBC's Petroc Trelawny). Vigil co-ordinator Rose Benton went on BBC’s Radio 5 to alert the world to his situation.

·        Rose was also on SW Radio Africa’s ‘Beyond Protest’ talking about the wider role of the Vigil as a protest (see:

·        Another Vigil person in the media was Addley Nyamutaka who with son Mandla was filmed on ITV taking part in a Queen’s Jubilee party in Brixton, south London to express the gratitude of asylum seekers and other immigrants to Britain for their welcome to this country.

·        Flowers were laid on the steps of the Zimbabwe Embassy for murdered MDC official Cephas Maguru.


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