Third 21st Movement Free Zimbabwe Global Protest – Wednesday 21st March 2012 Print
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 20:38

It seems Mugabe cannot keep away from Zimbabweans in the UK. Today was the 3rd of the monthly Free Zimbabwe Global Protest this time organized by the MDC South East District.  Mugabe sudden appeared outside the South African High Commission with his usual aggressive messages ‘Vote MDC and DIE’ and ‘Vote for me or DIE’.  He also grabbed hold of a poster reading ‘Zuma stop Mugabe B4 it’s too late’ from one of the protesters and tried to tear it up.  He was played by Vigil management team member Fungayi Mabhunu wearing our Mugabe mask.

About 60 gathered outside the Zimbabwe Embassy then moved to the South African High Commission to present a petition asking South Africa to insist that Mugabe honours the GPA.  Unfortunately the High Commission was locked and bolted. Had they heard we were coming?

Undeterrred we continued with our protest singing and dancing and speeches. Vigil supporter Shiellah Sibanda read out her poem ‘Mugabe it’s time to go’ (for text see: which encapsulated people’s feelings about Mugabe.

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