Protest at South Africa House to greet President Zuma – 5th March 2010 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 05 March 2010 18:14

Image of today was President Mugabe welcoming President Zuma to the South African High Commission in London with the poster ‘Have another wife on me’, in gratitude for Zuma’s campaigning for the lifting of shopping sanctions. 

The fact that Mugabe (in the form of the Zimbabwe Vigil’s Fungayi Mabhunu) was sporting a row of horse brasses in place of decorations was considered appropriate by the crowd of more than 100 Zimbabweans gathered at South Africa House.  

To be fair to Zuma, he did give us a friendly wave when he arrived at the High Commission – despite the booing and chants of ‘Shame on You Zuma’.  

There will be full details of our protest in tomorrow’s Vigil diary. 

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