EU petitioned to suspend aid to Malawi over bankrolling Mugabe Print
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Tuesday, 17 November 2009 20:53
From the Nyasa Times, November 17, 2009

Malawi has been highlighted in a petition to the EU calling for punitive action against SADC countries over Zimbabwe affairs. 

The Zimbabwe Vigil presented the petition to the EU’s Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, Karel De Gucht in Brussels this week. 

The petition reads: “A Petition to European Union Governments: We record our dismay at the failure of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to help the desperate people of Zimbabwe at their time of trial. “We urge the UK government and the European Union in general to suspend government to government aid to all 14 SADC countries until they abide by their joint commitment to uphold human rights in the region. We suggest that the money should instead be used to feed the starving in Zimbabwe”. 

The petition was handed over by Geoffrey Van Orden, MEP for the East of England, who received it at a ceremony last month to mark the Vigil’s seventh anniversary. 

“Our argument is that SADC countries have been derelict in their duty to Zimbabwe.  Why should countries which support Mugabe’s tyranny receive money from EU taxpayers? 

“Why, for instance, should Malawi get £70 million in balance of payments support this year from the UK alone when its people face starvation because of a reckless loan to Mugabe, which predictably has not been repaid?” reads the petition. 

SADC has ordered urgent talks in Zimbabwe to resolve differences over the Global Political Agreement. But Mugabe has shown what he thinks of this by flying off to Rome with a retinue of 60 locusts to tell the UN World Food Summit how badly Zimbabwe has been treated. 

The loan Malawi government gave Zimbabwe is also blamed to have been one of the major causes of shortages in Malawi, the country which is currently experiencing fuel shortage, power blackout on daily basis and water scarcity.