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Saturday, 19 July 2008 20:16
A very busy Vigil during which we met Myo Thein, Director of Burma Democratic Concern, to discuss plans for a joint demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy in London on Friday 8th Augu st. This is the day on which the Beijing Olympics gets underway and is also the 20th anniversary of 8/8/88 , the day the Burmese military regime killed more than 3000 peaceful demonstrators.

We both want to target China for vetoing resolutions in the UN Security Council about the plight of our peoples. We hope to be joined by representatives from Tibet and Darfur who have been equally badly treated by the rapacious and callous Chinese. The theme of our demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy will be the ‘Genocide Olympics'. Our view is that the medals for this new Olympic competition have already been stitched up by China , Russia and South Africa who have repeatedly voted against human rights resolutions on Tibet , China and Zimbabwe .

Myo Thein's brother is a political prisoner in Burma who has been partially paralysed by torture. We would just add that on previous demonstrations outside the Chinese Embassy we have always been welcomed by the Falun Gong and hope to have them on board with this protest as well.

As the situation deteriorates in Zimbabwe we get more harrowing tales. In the last week stories have appeared in the media about new levels of depraved brutality in Zimbabwe : eyes plucked out, tongues cut out . . . . . The media are a bit late on this story – anyone following the Vigil diary will see we reported this on 28th June. Because we are in telephone contact with our relatives all the time we learn what's happening on the ground much quicker than is reported in the media.

The Vigil was pleased to see that Mozambique has set up refugee camps for Zimbabweans. We believe the international community should finance refugee camps in all the countries neighbouring Zimbabwe to provide shelter for our star ving, tortured and sick families forced to flee the hell-hole that Mugabe has made of our country. We hope that the European Union will provide this money instead of supporting SADC governments who help Mugabe such as Malawi and South Africa etc.

The Vigil was very well-attended with people going to great trouble to be with us. For the second week in a row we had someone from distant Sunderland .

FOR THE RECORD: 187 signed the register.


•  Next Glasgow Vigil. Saturday 2nd August, 2 – 6 pm Venue: Argyle Street Precinct. For more information contact: Ancilla Chifamba , 07770 291 150, Patrick Dzimba, 07990 724 137 or Jonathan Chireka, 07504 724 471.

•  Protest outside the Chinese Embassy. Friday, 8th August. More information as plans develop.

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