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Saturday, 20 September 2008 00:00
Our doubts about the power-sharing agreement seem to have been borne out. The word we get from relatives and friends is that ZANU-PF seem to have no understanding of what power-sharing means. Vigil representatives went to a meeting in London on Tuesday organised by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum. It was addressed by Jenni Williams of WOZA and Abel Chikomo, Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum. The meeting was attended by many people from Zimbabwean-interested organisations – some of which we have never heard of! A few people expressed misgivings about the power-sharing arrangement but Jenni and Abel and most of the audience were reasonably optimistic. Abel described it as a good first step and a starting point to rebuild. Jenni spoke of the need for national healing.

But Vigil members say they cannot be optimistic. People are suffering but Mugabe is going shopping at the UN, where he will probably be applauded by the General Assembly. As one passer-by said to us: “It’s a farce”. The Vigil ended with the good news of the resignation of Mbeki. There were cheers at the downfall of a man who has consistently supported the forces of darkness in Zimbabwe and coerced the MDC into an unfair agreement to preserve Mugabe and his evil regime.

The management team had a meeting after the Vigil and agreed unanimously that we would continue campaigning for the ousting of Mugabe, democracy and justice in line with our mission statement. Basically our message is that the MDC has done an unsatisfactory deal with Zanu-PF. Why weren’t the details sorted out before the so-called agreement was signed?

The management meeting agreed to reinstate two petitions that we had put on hold in hope of real change in Zimbabwe. These are the petition to FIFA to move the 2010 World Cup from South Africa and the petition to EU governments to withhold government to government aid to SADC members until they uphold their human rights commitments to Zimbabwe. Before the power-sharing agreement was signed we had asked Glenys Kinnock, a prominent British member of the European Parliament, to accept this petition to pass on to the relevant EU authority. We are very pleased to say that we have received a letter from her dated 17th September: “I would be pleased to accept your petition and to pass it on to the relevant EU authority. Please let me know what you would suggest, perhaps I could come along to the Vigil one Saturday and pick up the petition, so that I could take it back to Brussels with me. I have just returned from a European Commission election monitoring mission to Rwanda and I will shortly be traveling to New York to attend the UN Millenium Development Goal’s Summit. It may therefore be a number of weeks before I am able to come and pick up the petition.” Mrs Kinnock has been outspoken about the situation in Zimbabwe and we are very happy that she is willing to work with us.

The meeting agreed that we should draw up another petition to SADC countries which would complement the petition we are submitting to the European Union. We cannot understand how our brothers and sisters in SADC can accept Mugabe as the legitimate president. The former Secretary-General of the UN, Koffi Annan, has now openly criticized the AU for accepting Mugabe’s bogus credentials.

The meeting also reaffirmed its support for Zimbabwean asylum seekers in the UK, particularly the right to work campaign. We have asked one of our coalition members, the Zimbabwe Association, to produce a template for a letter to MPs for Vigil supporters to appeal for the right to work.

We publish here an email received by the Vigil on 8th September. We have made efforts to ascertain its authenticity and the general feeling is it smacks of the truth. It certainly suggests the regime is in meltdown. “I have been watching your progress at the Vigil and am very happy to know there are people who are concerned about their country. I am here in Australia and am truly concerned about our people and I mean all the people of Zimbabwe .You are in England and even though there are problems there at least they try to accommodate all people from all over the world .Now this is what we wanted back home but unfortunately this did not come to pass . I pray that this does not happen again once we are truly free. There is a story I would like to share with you all. I was in Zimbabwe recently and happened to be walking along Samora Machel just up from the Reserve Bank. It was about 1 pm when there was a Mercedes that sped out of the Reserve Bank gates. The car was stopped by police near the court buildings. We saw a crowd gathering and I went to see what the commotion was about. People were shouting and police with guns were on the scene to pacify the angry crowd. I noticed the boot open and someone said to me look at that. I could not believe my eyes .The whole boot was full of United States dollars. The young lady who was driving the car was shouting to all 'Do you know who I am'. I was very upset and shouted ' You are nothing more than a thief ,shame on you'. The people became rightfully angry and threatened the young lady . The police then realized she was a top official’s child and rallied to assist her. The police then drove off with her and that was that. No story in the paper whatsoever. Our people are starving and this is what is going on before our eyes . I only hope that once we are free these people pay for their crimes and I want to be there when that happens, if it does happen. Corruption is a blight on society.”

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