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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 14 June 2014 20:12




Peace is calling

And you kept your ears shut,

Not because you want them shut; but they are forcing you to shut them so that you will remain captive;

Captives for them to be the Mafia;

Mafia in the period that others are starving, dying, suffering.

When is this going to end?



Family of Zimbabwe

Let's come together and stand;

Stand for our justice, peace and freedom, let's shout this together Mugabe must go!

To save Zimbabwe, Mugabe must go!

The regime full of corruption, destruction, poverty and suffering. When is this going to end?

Let's shout this again;

To save our beautiful Zimbabwe

Mugabe must go!

To have a new beginning,

Mugabe must go!

Together family of Zimbabwe, we can stand, yes we can!



I was born free

I have a right to eat,

I have a right to be educated,

I have a right to work,

Right to live,

As long as I am alive,

I know my rights.

How can I eat, all the food prices are going higher every day. I'm not educated

I don't have a job, because I'm an asylum seeker, after all I have a right to protection but nobody cares, I'm watching you abusing my rights.

I have a right to freedom but I am not that free, I'm suffering in my everyday life. I was persecuted, tortured, imprisoned but no one cares.

I have watched you abusing my rights because all the power is in you.

I was born free and nobody must take my rights and freedom away from me, I have a right to belong to a country but I am not accepted in any country; if anyone can help, please help me to have freedom to my rights.



The sons of the earth are crying,

Crying to have that freedom but no one can hear them.

It’s now more like our daily bread to suffer, to suffer for someone to have it all. So when are we going to have that freedom?

I have cried louder for my voice to be heard, but they let me down.

I have tried to talk but my voice is faint, no one can hear me. When are we going to have that freedom?

They said we haven't got it that makes us to stand, they even pushed us down because all power is in them; so when are we going to have that freedom?



I fought for democracy so that I can be heard but they put dictatorship in front of me, my name can't even qualify in the book. The book of survival of the fittest.

All the fat is theirs, mine is labour.

I even haven't got power,

Power to what is mine because I'm theirs. Thumbs down for dictatorship.

I will stand and fight for democracy,

Democracy that is going to lead me to what is mine and to make me the person that I have always wanted to be.

Democracy that is going to take me to a free world where I deserve more freedom than I have been given before.



In the hospital I am lying down,

No one is coming to check on me.

Pain is everywhere, tears are like rivers on my cheek, crying knowing that the chances of survival are slim.

I buzzed for help but no one heard me,

l knew the only option is six feet down;

I wish I was not born if life is this hard, to die like an animal.

I called the doctors they said "we are not paid enough". The nurses, the answers were the same. They neglected me and they watched me dying.



My hospital is very big and people are coming every day because they still have hope, but no one is going back home happily, because my hospital is a dead end.

There is no food, people are starving,

No treatment; people are in pain,

No medication, people are dying. No qualified nurses and doctors because they are not earning enough.

I have watched my loved ones dying, Young ones and elderly people crying, Crying for their loved ones. Everyone is now scared of my hospital.

There is no water, no electricity; the resources are not enough. People are going home without treatment.

In my hospital, people are dying every day.


By Tendai Chadehumbe 

The EU and aid to Zanu PF PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 08 June 2014 12:59

“ZIMBABWE could receive €234 million (about US$318m) in development assistance from the European Union (EU) if the bloc lifts its decade-old embargo on provision of direct financial support to Harare at a meeting set for November,” reported the New Zimbabwe. The EU is being totally irresponsible!


The last thing the people of Zimbabwe want is for anyone to encourage Mugabe that his regime can somehow fudge the economic recovery by getting a few million dollars from the EU, the Arabs, AFDB; sell even more of the nation's treasures to the Chinese and Indians for a fraction of their true value and so on. And thus avoid having to tackle the two tough issues that this nation must deal with: decisive now or pay an even bigger price if we delay any further


The two tough issues the regime has tried to avoid but cannot do so any more are:


1) The cancerous problems of mismanagement and corruption. The national economy is in this mess because no economy can thrive when it is subjected to so much criminal waste of material and human resources as has been happening in Zimbabwe these last 34 years. 


For example, two weeks ago Nehanda Radio reported a “US$654 million dodgy deal involving the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), a subsidiary of power utility Zesa Holdings” in which new subcontractors had been surreptitiously added after the Solar Panel Projected had been awarded and the agreed contract price was then doubled in some areas. Ultimately it is the impoverished ordinary Zimbabweans who will end up paying one way or the other the additional costs.


Over the years, mismanagement, corruption and looting have become worse and worse in Zimbabwe and today they are rampant. It is nonsense to talk of economic recovery when there is so much waste!


Mugabe has allowed the mismanagement and corruption to go on all these 34 years because they constitute the very heart and soul of the Zanu PF patronage system that has kept the party together and in power. Mugabe’s and the party’s popularity with the electorate are rock bottom and the party’s iron grip on power is now totally dependent on political patronage system. The party cannot afford to dismantle it; not now!


2) The need to attract direct foreign investment. Whilst the loans from donors like the EU are supposed to be used in rebuild the country's economic infrastructure such as water and electricity supply, roads, etc, this alone is not enough to produce the much hoped for sustainable economic recovery. The country needs direct foreign investment too. (The regime is so cash strapped it will use infrastructure loans to pay the boasted civil service wages too.)


The regime has been told again and again, particularly in the last few months, that to attract foreign investors back in the country Zimbabwe must restore investor confidence that their investments will be safe. The Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe compared investing in Zimbabwe to swimming in the crocodile infested Zambezi River. No investor would want to see 51% of his or her investment taken away and be yoked to a partner from hell which is what Zanu PF’s indigenisation policies have been calling for! 


Since the rigged July 2013 elections Mugabe and his Ministers have been forced to accept that no investors will want to swim in Zimbabwe’s crocodile infested economic waters and they have been have been toning the anti-white rhetoric, cutting back the number of shares investors will be obliged to sell and even scrapping this requirement in some cases. Of course the would-be investors have remained decidedly unimpressed. 


After 34 years of lawlessness and disregarding trade agreements with other nations, the Mugabe regime has opened a credibility gap as wide and as deep as the Grand Canyon; bridging it now is proving to be impossible. 


For anyone to give the Mugabe regime money whilst these two core problems of mismanagement and corruption on the one hand and failure to restore investor confidence on the other remain unresolved is being totally irresponsible because the loans will be wasted and added to the country’s mountain of debt. But, worse still, the loans will keep Mugabe in power for a few more months and thus postpone the day of reckoning compounding the problems and making recovery even more costly. 


The only realistic solution for Zimbabwe is for the country to hold fresh free, fair and credible elections, get a new government that will have the people's mandate to rule and the respect and confidence of the international community and investors. Fresh elections is the cure; EU loans are but painkillers to someone with a broken leg. The patient would not have broken the leg if Mugabe had not rigged the July 2013 elections; the leg could be save if fresh elections are held without further ado but gangrene will soon set in. Once gangrene has set in then the leg must be amputated or the patient will die! 


The EU has forced its own member countries like Greece and Spain to take some bitter medicine to address their fundamental economic weakness as a condition for financial aid from the rest of the union. Yet the same EU is now telling Mugabe that the Zimbabwe economy will recover regardless of the rampant mismanagement and corruption and with no foreign investment! How dishonest is that?


Zimbabwe is subject to the same laws of thermodynamics and basic economic as any other nation; it is very patronising, to say the very least, of the EU to be tells us otherwise!


Wilbert Mukori

Reply to Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa #RestoreZimDiasporaVote PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 01 June 2014 13:14

By Clifford Chitupa Mashiri, 31/05/14.


You don’t have to be a robotics professor to know that something is seriously wrong in Zimbabwe especially as  the regime resists Diaspora Vote and pledges ‘Mugabe for life’ when he is already 90 years old and has been in power since 1980.


For example, the Electoral Amendment Bill sailed through Parliament without amendment after Zanu-PF’s Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa argued among other things that voter registration would remain constituency based and proof of residence was essential to enable the electoral commission to strategically place polling stations and avert fraud and double voting.


But, contrary to Mr Mnangagwa’s belated assurances, in July 2013, the Israeli company Nikuv was accused of allegedly using several methods, including producing different copies of the voters’ rolls and setting up sneaky polling stations to fix results in favour of Mugabe and Zanu PF.


For instance, a spokeswoman for Matabeleland region Independent election monitors working under an umbrella group called Situation Room, Debra Mabunda was quoted as saying:


“In Gwanda, Ward 10, Bar Compound, there was a polling station that was manned by one polling agent, a ZANU-PF agent. The polling station was not listed under a list given to all stakeholders by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). We informed other political parties in Gwanda and they have since sent their polling agents there.” 


Shockingly out of Zimbabwe’s 13 million people an estimated 4 million expatriates are excluded from voting by the Zanu-Pf regime, despite a ruling by the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) allowing the Diaspora vote.


Expatriates the world over including in Southern Africa and in countries embroiled in conflict like Syria and Egypt, are allowed to vote in national and presidential elections, except in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.


Accordingly, the EU should NOT release US$320 million which it has pledged to Mugabe’s Zanu-PF regime until it restores Diaspora Vote.


Regardless of your nationality, race, country, location, gender, age, political persuasion, please retweet this hashtag #RestoreZimDiasporaVote. Also see video on youtube


Clifford can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


References:; (accessed 01/06/14); (accessed 01/06/14).,‘Bogus Polling Booth Discovered in Gwanda,’ Wednesday, July 31, 2013;

BBC, ‘Egyptian expatriates vote in presidential election,’ 11 May 2012,
Letter from the EU PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 19 April 2014 19:32

9th April 2014


Thank you for your letter of 26 February 2014 to the High Representative in which you refer to the elections of July 2013 and question the recent progress that can be observed in Zimbabwe. The letter has been given to me to respond. The EU’s goal is, and has always been, to support the Zimbabwean people in achieving a more prosperous and democratic Zimbabwe. Normalising the relationship with the government will enable the EU to play a stronger role in supporting the return to economic stability, improving the democratic environment, rule of law, respect for human rights, and the living conditions for ordinary Zimbabweans. However, continued progress towards normalisation, as in other countries, will depend on the government of Zimbabwe’s commitment to political and economic reforms.


The High Representative Catherine Ashton, in her declaration of 19 February 2014 on behalf of the EU following the review of EU-Zimbabwe relations, has welcomed the generally peaceful manner in which the 2013 elections were conducted. This represents a significant improvement in the conduct of previous elections in Zimbabwe and has contributed to the EU’s decisions to suspend all remaining restrictive measures with the exception of the arms embargo and those targeting two individuals – the Head of State and his spouse and one entity – Zimbabwe Defence Industries.


However, there are many improvements that are still needed and the EU remains seriously concerned about significant weaknesses in the electoral process and the lack of transparency identified by SADC, AU and domestic observations missions, which calls into doubt the credibility of the elections. Through the 11th European Development Fund, once conditions permit, we aim to support the implementation of the recommendations expressed by the SADC and AU observer missions to improve the electoral framework. More broadly, the EU also intends to support further implementation of constitutional reforms.


The human rights situation is an issue of much importance for the EU and one which is kept under close review. The EU has issued numerous statements in the past highlighting the seriousness that we attach to human rights in Zimbabwe.


The EU will continue to monitor closely the performance of the government against its own commitments, of which progress on the implementation of the Constitution will be particularly important.


One may of course have different and critical views on the pace of reform. Through engaging in a dialogue with the Zimbabwean government and authorities, including on future development co-operation, we are seeking to promote further positive progress.


Angel Carro Castrillo

Chef de Division

Departement Afrique

Afrique Australe

European External Action Service

Zimbabwe Time for Uprising (T4U) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 18 April 2014 18:15

Tendai Biti said, ‘Zimbabwe may face a rebellion’. I think Zimbabwe will experience an uprising in the next 18 months. The political and economic environment in Zimbabwe is pregnant with signs of a mass uprising. Unemployment is at a record high, the economy is already in intensive care, and major companies are either shutting down or posting record losses. The bottom has fallen out. Many men are struggling to put food on the table for their families. When labour has started for a woman, it is a matter of whether the waters will break or not but a matter of when they will break. The political situation in Zimbabwe has been in labour for too long and it is now time for the inevitable to happen.


Wherever an oppressive system of dictatorship exists, the people’s resistance is inevitable. It is a matter of time before this will happen in Zimbabwe. An uprising is imminent in Zimbabwe. In conditions where a dictator is all powerful and the people are so poor, powerless and helpless uprisings spring successfully. In Zimbabwe people have been reduced to subservient machines (political robots) just following orders to jump, sing and vote when required to. Crime and corruption have prevailed unabated in full sight of the president.


Our actions must culminate in changing a deceitful dictator and a rotten regime. For any nation to stage an effective uprising there must be a sense of helpfulness or futility in the populace, such that the option of doing nothing would seem likely to result in a worse outcome than taking up a dangerous course of action. The question is Have Zimbabweans reached a ‘Do or Die’ situation? To put this in simpler terms life has to be painful enough and unbearable where risking it beats all alternatives. People should also believe that an historic change is achievable.


The common factor with all successful uprisings is the replacement of a perceived lack of representation with a perceived representation, even if that representation is minimal. Half a loaf is better than none. An uprising should not be launched where there is no a substantial succession plan. Removing a regime to replace it with a void can lead to a very dangerous situation whereby radical opportunists can quickly move in to fill the void creating worse conditions than those that existed before; an example of this is the Egyptian uprising. Zimbabwe should not make the same mistake.


We all know that it would take a lot to get the people of Zimbabwe to rise up against a powerful dictator like Robert Mugabe. Unless the people are brave enough to unite and push together, the current oppressive regime will not move an inch. We will die poor! Our children will die poor! And our grandchildren will also die poor. I have not got it all, but together we have got it all. Zimbabweans have suffered a lot for too long. It is time Zimbabweans should seize their fate and decide the future of the country. Zimbabwe arise! Wake up and smell the coffee! It is time for tea. Tea for you. T4U. Time for Uprising.  


An article by Vigil supporter Erick Eluwasi MSc, CISSP, MBCS, CITP

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