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Sunday, 20 January 2019 13:33

Life beyond survival coping mechanisms

from an anonymous contributor 18/01/2019

'The start of another week and one in which most people have moderated their expectations. Getting through the week without the car being burnt, or the kids hurt, is a desirable outcome.

While the trade unions and the Opposition have called for the stay-away, they are irrelevant. There are not enough people left in formal jobs and employment for the unions to command any sort of significant membership. The Opposition has also been exposed and discredited, and no one is waiting for the various flavours of the MDC to do anything constructive. They are divided and fully infiltrated.

What we are seeing is something different, and in many ways akin to the “Yellow Jackets” in France. This is the urban poor slowly arriving at the realisation that the massive fuel cost increases, and the shortages and inflation pressures they know will follow, are beyond their survival coping mechanisms. The masses in the townships are slowly living the truth that they do not have a future, and that their children are fated to an existence dominated by hunger.

The ZanuPF-State security apparatus are fully aware that they are facing a leaderless insurrection of the poor. The wailing and gnashing for bread, and an agitation for a more tolerable existence. As such State agents have been widely filmed today in civilian clothing in the townships using AK47’s on any crowds of the poor that they find. They are using selective individual killings to try and frighten and diffuse the anger and energy of the mobs. There will not be the media show this time around of uniformed military shooting veggie sellers.

Naturally the poor and the unemployed are less than enthusiastic about their circumstances, so they are burning police stations, barricading roads, and are trying to make as much of a nuisance of themselves as they can. All while playing cat-and-mouse as they try to avoid risking too much harm to themselves. Without question looting is rife, and there is a breakdown in the structures of law and order in all the major urbanised areas. Central government is not in control of large swathes of the urban areas.

Will the current uprising of the poor improve their lot? No. This is a junta and not a democracy, so the State is content to kill controlled numbers of rioters until the mob loses its cohesion and enthusiasm. In this reality the only voices that count are those reinforced with firearms. In Zimbabwe the rest are just free-range tax payers to be subjugated and mercilessly bled. The chattels and harlots of the State. The children of the poor will go hungry this year, and they will sink deeper into poverty. Their daily grind will worsen as they are denied more and more basic services.

Will the +250% increase in the fuel price, and the attendant consequences, yield any positive results within the economy? No. The fuel queues are here to stay regardless of the pricing model that Ncube and friends try to introduce. Any models that do work involve the civil servants, doctors, teachers etc. unable to access fuel with their Zimbabwe Dollar salaries.

We have a situation where any policy choices that improve the economy, directly hurt and marginalise special interest groups within ZanuPF. The interests of the Party faithful would have to be sacrificed for the greater good. There are no policy options available to ZanuPF today that will jump start the economy and allow a developmental track to be developed. You can not be the cure when in fact you are the problem. This is the conundrum that has enveloped the country since the military coup a year ago, and no progress has been made since then to install a credible and effective narrative.

As we move closer to the formal re-introduction of the Zimbabwe Dollar, and the criminalisatiion of hard currency holdings by anyone outside of the ZanuPF gangster elite, the crisis will continue to deepen. This movie is a long, long way from over, and the suffering and stories have just begun. 

The rain in Harare today sent everyone scurrying for cover, but no doubt the sports will resume in the morning. Going to be a long week.


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