Wilbert Mukori’s comments on the AU report on the Zimbabwe elections Print
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Sunday, 03 November 2013 16:42

The AU said in their report that the voters’ roll was not made public because there was a computer break down. That raised more questions than it answered:

1.     If the computer had indeed broken down and made it impossible for the authorities to have a voters’ roll then what did they use at each of the 9, 000 polling stations on 31st July?

2.     Observers have reported nearly a million voters being turned away on voting day because their name was not on the voters’ roll in that particular ward. Those denied the right to vote constitute the winning candidate's winning margin! So why were the names of one million voters not on the voters’ roll in the correct ward?

3.     If the AU really believed that the production of a voters’ roll at least "14 days before the elections" is essential for free, fair and credible elections and the Commission also believed the Zimbabwe government's failure to do so in this case was a purely a logistic and technical problem, then why did the AU not withhold its approval until the voters’ roll was issued to all the parties and it was confirmed there were no serious anomalies in the roll?

4.     Now that it is clear there are very serious anomalies and Mugabe is still refusing to release the voters’ roll for fear of even more anomalies being discovered; will the AU own up and admit the Zimbabwe elections were not free, fair and credible?

5.     Is the AU really that incompetent that someone can blatantly rig elections and the continental body with observers on the ground will still judge the elections  credible?